Burrrn is a free online application about giving people what they want.

For example: you love to use Youtube, but you miss the feature to download videos?

Then we add this feature for you, as simple as that.

We start small, and step by step, we will add more features about many more online services and/or we will create those services from scratch if they don't already exist.

Have a feature request for an already existing online service?
Have a request for a not already existing online service?
Have problems or bugs using our own services?

Please contact us and tell us what you want.

Full disclosure

Hi, I'm zwetan :), in 2008 I started to work on the redtamarin open source project , after few years, the project has evolved to the point we can now use it "server side" like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Why is that important?

  • This is the main reason this web site exists:
    I want to show others

    yep, you can build web sites in ActionScript 3.0

    If you want to know more about what is redtamarin, the technology behind this web site,
    on every page you can click on this link:  redtamarin, at the bottom-right of the page.

  • Another reason, and why you will see some advertising on this web site,
    is to try to create a self-substaining system for an open source project.

    Some people create kickstarters, some other use patreon, others ask for donation money, etc.

    I'm not really comfortable with any of those, but providing a free service (hopefully useful to some people)
    in exchange of maybe advertising money (I don't expect more than a couple of dollars)
    to cover some of the costs is a compromise I can live with.

  • Yet another reason, among many others (but let's try to keep this short),
    is I do believe the only way to see if a software is really really good is by its users.
    It is not only about software, programming language and technology, it is also about social.
    The more people use a software and like it or find it useful, the more it validates the technology behind it.

    I will be happy if one day I can say "Burrrn serves pages to 100 daily unique users", or 1000, or even more
    the actual number is not that important but it is better than zero and help motivate working on something that nobody know exists.

    I'm not asking you to click on ads if you're not interested, but I do ask you:
    if you find one of the services useful, please do tweet / facebook / google+ the shit out of it :).

Some Statistics

We mainly use Google Analytics but we need to also track our own stuff so here some more details.

Site Stats
Webpages served 310771
Data served 14.17 GB
Videos link fetched 161343